Van de Lee full premixed low nitrogen variable frequency boiler

Why is emissions more environmentally friendly?

The surface burning of premixed metal fiber is to mix air and natural gas completely before entering the combustion chamber, so as to fully burn the natural gas while reducing the demand of the air, no excess air, increasing the dew point of the flue gas, so that the flue gas can enter the condensing stage as soon as possible, so as to further improve the combustion efficiency. At the same time, the combustion is composed of tens of thousands of small flames with a diameter of 0.01mm. Greatly reduce the flame temperature, reduce the production of NOx, so that the minimum discharge of NOx under operation conditions can be controlled to about 10mg/m. Under all conditions, no more than 15mg/m It fully meets the requirements of environmental protection.

 Van de Lee full premixed low nitrogen variable frequency boiler

Why super energy saving?

Chinese style Energy saving up to 30%, boiler thermal efficiency 103%-108% The whole premixed condensing module boiler also needs to be purged at startup. The general blowing time is less than 10 seconds. The loss of this part is about 1%. The premixed metal fiber surface burning technology makes the natural gas and air completely mixed in proportion before entering the combustion chamber, which is fully burned by natural gas while reducing the demand of air, no excess air, increasing the leakage point of smoke and making smoke. As soon as possible, enter the condensing stage to further improve the combustion efficiency. The boiler has a large heat exchange area and high thermal efficiency, and the minimum exhaust gas temperature can be as low as 40 C, so that the heat loss can be reduced. The intelligent boiler controller, combined with the natural gas proportional proportional control valve and the fully premixed frequency conversion fan, not only ensures the best air-fuel ratio, but also automatically adjusts the output of the boiler to meet the dynamic heat load, so that the boiler thermal output curve is close to the dynamic thermal demand curve, and there is no invalid output. The combustion ratio adjustment range is 0%-100%. At the same time, one second heat and hot water synchronously. Maximize heat utilization.

 Van de Lee full premixed low nitrogen variable frequency boiler

Super mute

The built-in burner is equivalent to adding a sound insulation device. At the same time, the burning of metal fiber surface belongs to micro flame combustion, which significantly reduces combustion noise and reduces flue noise. Adopt fully premixed frequency conversion and low noise fan, and internal noise control inside boiler. Noise below 45 dB


The fully premixed condensing low nitrogen frequency conversion module boiler adopts the premixed technology of pre air and natural gas. It will not deflagrate due to improper air fuel ratio. Intelligent multiple interlocking control will not lead to the wrong ignition instruction. Besides, the furnace chamber is small, and the flow area of the flue outlet can be vented completely compared with the furnace volume, even if deflagration occurs, it will not cause harm. To sum up, the whole premixed low nitrogen module boiler is safer to use.

Smooth operation

Air supply pressure only needs 2Kpa-5Kpa (civil natural gas pressure) can be run. In practice, when the natural gas pressure is lower than 1Kpa, the boiler is still operating normally. It can be shared with the natural gas supply system in the District, without opening cost, and when the heating is the coldest in winter, gas shortage will occur in the whole city. When the gas pressure is insufficient, the boiler can continue to operate.

Long life

The service life is more than 30 years. It is made of alloy steel with oxidation resistance, strong corrosion resistance than copper and lead, and special treatment of scale. The life of large boilers is only 10~15 years. If a large boiler is used, it is necessary to replace the equipment after 15 years. With the total cost of operation, the modular boiler should save more than 30% to 40% of the investment cost than the cast lead, copper, cast iron boiler and steel boiler.

More intelligent can

The intelligent controller is matched with the liquid crystal condition display, and the key is intelligent and simple operation, and the operation is simple and reliable. With a variety of communication protocols, It can connect host computer and unlimited telemetering communication equipment.

Maintenance and reliability

Only 30 centimeters of maintenance space is needed before or after the boiler can be dismounted and repaired. The repair time is less than 40 minutes. It will not cause damage to the integrity of the boiler.

The combustion and control electric part uses the products of the world's top 500 enterprises, Honeywell, USA. The fan is Germany EBM, which is the top brand of the international burner. It has strong reliability and short maintenance time, and can be standby at the same time under the condition of multiple simultaneous heating.


High efficiency heat transfer design is adopted. The structure is tubular heat, heat transfer in four zones, heat per second, and the overall structure is compact. Under the same power, the boiler occupies a small area. It covers only 1.2 square meters.

 Van de Lee full premixed low nitrogen variable frequency boiler

Fan De Li fully premixed low nitrogen frequency conversion boiler combustion technology:

Full premixed frequency conversion combustion: energy saving and rapid heat release

Fully premixed technology - mixing air and gas evenly and burning it all at once.

The fully premixed technology is to mix gas and air through Venturi, and mix with the fans before entering the combustion head. The premix chamber once again fully and evenly stirs up the gas and air molecules, making the mixing more complete. Like a piece of wood and a pile of sawdust, sawdust burns faster and more fully. Therefore, the combustion speed is no longer restricted by the physical conditions such as gas diffusion rate, and the combustion speed is faster and the efficiency is higher.

Frequency conversion technology to track load automatically and adjust output load.

The top-level DC variable frequency control system automatically adjusts the amount of gas and air into the combustion chamber according to the load, and accurately tracks the load automatically, so that the combustion can be maintained at any time.

Surface burning: low nitrogen emission and precision heating

The wire mesh burner is used to split the flame into a large area of countless tiny flames and uniformly heat the heat exchanger.

Using special metal fiber to make combustion head and adopting radiation heat transfer mode can increase the efficiency of heat exchange.

The key material used for metal fiber gas burner is special iron chromium aluminum fiber, with a diameter of about 30 to 50um, and its combustion intensity can reach 2500kw/m Three The heat resistance is 1300 degrees Celsius. Because the premixed flame is compact and the flame is heated at close distance, it is possible to use this advantage to reduce the size of the combustor when designing the combustion chamber. In addition, the radiation heat transfer mode of the metal fiber burner can increase the efficiency of heat exchange. When burning, the flame on the surface of the burner is composed of numerous blue flames. This burning state is called surface combustion, which is also the best combustion state of natural gas. This combustion mode can fully burn the gas, heat evenly, no local high temperature, avoid the formation of nitrogen oxides and carbon monoxide. The emission of flue gas is far below the national standard, and its nitrogen oxide emissions are lower than 15mg/m Three

 Van de Lee full premixed low nitrogen variable frequency boiler

 Van de Lee full premixed low nitrogen variable frequency boiler