Van de Lee's sixth generation of traditional gas fired boiler series is improving thermal efficiency. 15% At the same time, it overcomes the problem of inconvenient maintenance of similar products. Forty - Fifty All repairs can be completed in minutes. ! )

Technology leads the new direction of safety, energy efficiency and high efficiency of fuel gas boiler.

Energy saving and high efficiency: multi zone and multi chamber swirling rotating heat transfer technology developed by ourselves has greatly improved thermal efficiency and exhaust gas temperature. One hundred Energy saving is higher than ordinary fuel gas boiler. 15%

Durable: self developed eccentric heat exchange structure to extend boiler life. 40% Above.

Ultra fast speed: ignition to system work only needs Ten About a minute.

Intelligent numerical control: imported combustion machine, fully automatic intelligent control.

Safe and reliable: atmospheric pressure operation, high temperature protection, there is no hidden danger.

The shape is new: the shape is square and round, suitable for different places, beautiful, practical, and small in size.