Van de Lee gas ( oil ) Vacuum phase change condensing boiler series:

Two side outlet temperature increase compared with similar products Five - Eight Temperature;

Higher thermal efficiency than similar products 20% !


One The condensing boiler takes advantage of the two heat exchange technology to effectively absorb latent heat from high temperature flue gas and exhaust temperature. 30-80 The temperature of the system determines the exhaust temperature. , Boiler smoke exhaust can be used. PVC Pipe or galvanized pipe, thermal efficiency up to 105%;

Two Condensate boiler water supply temperature adjustable range: Thirty C ~ Eighty-five Temperature;

Three The intelligent control system can easily realize the full automatic operation of the boiler.

Four The high purity water in boiler medium is injected at once and will never be added. The boiler will never scale. The vacuum oxygen free environment eliminates the oxygen corrosion in the furnace, and the self developed dual module flat buffering heat conduction structure, thus prolonging the service life of the boiler.

Five The utility model can provide multiple hot water with different temperatures at the same time, meeting the needs of central air-conditioning, heating, sanitary hot water, advanced swimming pools, hotels, hotels and other hot water supply, and also providing process water for various industrial and mining enterprises.

Six Safe and reliable: condensing vacuum phase change gas-fired boiler operates under negative pressure without explosion risk. Heat exchange part is independent and confined. 1.6MPa Pressure, stable operation, with atmospheric pressure and pressure boiler incomparable characteristics.

Seven No qualification is required: the boiler does not belong to the "safety regulations for boilers and pressure vessels" and does not require operator qualification examination.

Eight It meets the requirements of environmental protection: in the design of the boiler, multi zone and multi chamber swirling rotating heat transfer technology is adopted, which improves the burnout rate and heat transfer rate of the gas, and is equipped with imported famous brand European burners. The fuel is more fully burned and the noise is low. NOx Low emissions.