Product characteristics

1., it can realize automatic operation, achieve unattended operation, realize automatic and manual switching, and work flexibly.

2. the control part adopts the microcomputer control system. The main control device adopts famous foreign products such as SIEMENS, Japan and OMRON. The LCD LCD monitor is built in the backlight. The running state of the boiler is clearly visible. All operations are done easily by buttons, and the super display function and control function of the boiler controller are quite complete.

3. the hot water boiler is immersed in electric heating mode. The furnace water is heated up quickly and efficiently, and the heating tube is connected with the flange of the furnace body, so that it is easy to clean and dismantle.

4. the boiler adopts stepwise time-sharing input method to control the heating group, and the heating group can randomly input or stop work according to the load changes, thus significantly reducing the impact on the power grid.

5. the control system starts and stops the pump according to the temperature of the boiler.

6. the electric hot water boiler has the function of leakage protection, protection against burning low water level, overheating protection of furnace body, abnormal protection function of temperature sensor, abnormal protection function of power supply voltage, and phase breaking protection function of heating components.

7. the top of the boiler is equipped with an exhaust port connected with the atmosphere. The tank is not pressurized, and the boiler works under normal pressure without explosion danger.

The 8. outlet and backwater port have quick connection and installation. The boiler is mechanical and electrical integration, the shape is compact and reasonable, and the transportation is very convenient.

technical parameter