[application] the product is suitable for heating, bathing and air-conditioning systems in homes, offices, factories, mines, hospitals, hotels, schools, etc.


The water and plate heat exchangers are made up of plate heat exchangers, circulating pumps, water pumps, electronic control devices, decontamination devices, pipes, valves, meters and bases. The user only needs to connect the heat medium, the heating system and the water supply interface of the unit, and then connect the power supply to use. It is suitable for steam, water, water, water, oil, oil and other media. It has the characteristics of superior performance, reasonable layout, compact structure, safe and reliable operation, easy installation and operation.
The panel heat exchanger set up an automatic control system according to the needs of users. The system has functions of water replenishing, frequency conversion, pressure control, temperature automatic control, outdoor temperature compensation, microcomputer one or two liquid display, import and export temperature, pressure and other programmable automatic control systems. The system can be selected according to users' actual use requirements, and no one is on duty.

Working principle

Under the control of the temperature control valve, the steam or high temperature water is sent to the heat exchanger according to the required flow of the heating system, and the heat exchanger is used to heat the heating (air conditioning) backwater of the heating user in indirect heat exchange mode; the heated water first passes through the stainless steel core decontamination device, and then enters the heat exchanger through the circulating pump to heat the user for reuse. A heat medium is returned to a heating network after heat exchange. The water loss of the system is automatically replenished by the replenishing water pump according to the set pressure, so as to ensure the stable and normal operation of the system pressure.


1. double circulation pump: when the unit is normal, it works for one pump, one pump is standby, and the circulating pump automatically switches at regular intervals. When the working pump fails, the standby pump can be automatically put into operation.
2, heat exchanger unit automatic water supply, automatic pressure. The replenishment pump can run automatically and manually, and the system steady value can be set and adjusted according to the actual conditions. The pump can run alternately.
3, the heat exchanger is equipped with solenoid valve and safety valve two stage overpressure protection device. When the system is overpressure, the solenoid valve first opens the pressure relief. If the solenoid valve is defective, the relief valve opens to relieve pressure, so as to ensure the stable and safe operation of the system pressure.
4. The heat exchanger is equipped with stainless steel screen backwash decontamination device, which has good decontamination effect and long service life.
5, all valves and instrument pipes of the heat exchanger unit are of high quality products, equipped with advanced and reasonable installation, stable operation of pumps, low noise, and effective improvement of engine room environment.
6, the heat exchanger units are flexible in configuration, and can be optimized according to users' scientific and rational allocation to meet the customers' requirements to the maximum.