Van de Lee traditional gas ( oil ) Vacuum phase change boiler series:

Higher thermal efficiency than similar products 15% ;

Longer life than similar products!

Safe and reliable:

The vacuum boiler is always operated under the negative pressure condition, without the risk of explosion. The heat exchange part is independent and confined. 1.6MPa Pressure, stable operation, with atmospheric pressure and pressure boiler incomparable characteristics.

High efficiency and energy saving:

The combination of self developed heat source cluster rotary integration energy storage and multi zone multi chamber heat transfer technology has greatly improved thermal efficiency and exhaust gas temperature. One hundred The energy saving of the fuel gas boiler is higher than that of the same kind of fuel gas boiler. 15%


Indirect heating is used to produce hot water, and hot water and heat medium water are independent, which avoids scaling inside the unit body (heat medium water side), and the vacuum oxygen free environment in the furnace eliminates the oxygen corrosion in the furnace, and the self developed dual module flat buffering heat conduction structure, thereby prolonging the service life of the boiler.

Multi purpose:

At the same time, it can provide multiple hot water with different temperatures, meeting the needs of central air-conditioning, heating, sanitary hot water, advanced swimming pools, hotels, hotels and other hot water supply, and also providing process water for all kinds of industrial and mining enterprises.

No qualification is required:

The boiler does not belong to the "safety regulations for boilers and pressure vessels" and does not require operator qualification examination.

Automatic temperature control:

The outlet temperature of hot water can be less than Eighty-five The computer can be automatically adjusted according to the heat load, and the hot water temperature is controlled in the optimal state.

The system is simple in design:

Hot water indirectly heat the heat medium water through the heat exchanger and directly supply the users, so that the system heat exchanger and other components can be reduced, and the system design is simpler.

Simple operation and maintenance:

The vacuum hot water boiler is controlled by microcomputer in Chinese man-machine conversation, setting the opening and closing time freely, and setting the temperature stepless and adjustable. The hot water system exchanger adopts a detachable structure, and can also open the front and rear smoke box structure. All the smoke pipes and solder joints are visible and convenient for inspection, maintenance and maintenance.

Meet the environmental requirements:

In the design of the boiler, multi zone and multi chamber swirling rotating heat transfer technology is adopted to improve the burnout and heat transfer rate of the fuel gas, equipped with imported famous brand European burners, and the fuel is more fully burned and the noise is low. NOx Low emissions.

Technical parameters