Two advantages to improve thermal efficiency 8%

One The internal heat exchange pipe is a threaded flue pipe, and the thermal efficiency is improved. 5% And has the function of self cleaning.

Two The oxygen enriched waste heat is preheated and the combustion efficiency is improved. 3% And prolong the service life of the grate.

The use of charcoal and natural gas in the same boiler can be used interchangeably, leading the new direction of atmospheric pressure boiler safety, energy conservation and efficiency.

Energy saving and high efficiency:

The smoke temperature of burning carbon is only Sixty Multi degree, higher than traditional boiler section 50% Exhaust temperature of fuel gas Eighty Multi degree, saving oil and gas up to 30%

Environmental protection:

Equalizing oxygen enriched waste heat preheating and combustion supporting vortex swirling infrared combustion technology. The furnace has a long service life, and it burns completely. It is easy to seal furnace, easy to ignite, fire fast, and smoother and smoother. Smoke can be drawn to the designated location without vertical high chimneys.

Ultrafast speed:

External combustion, ignition, heating and boiling water. Twenty That can be done in about minutes.

Intelligent numerical control:

Digital display, temperature control, automatic heating, automatic stop heating, high temperature protection and other control functions.


Without pressure operation and high temperature protection, there is no hidden danger.

Ash removal and descaling:

98% The surface of the heat exchanger can be visually cleaned by artificial cleaning and ash removal, which is comprehensive and convenient, and ensures that the output of the boiler remains unchanged.

Small size:

Save boiler area and construction cost.

Scope of application:

It is the most ideal choice for traditional plumbing, water temperature air conditioning, fan coil and floor heating, and is suitable for heating large, medium and small areas. It is suitable for all units to use tea bath hot water.