Technology leads the new direction of safety, energy conservation and high efficiency of gas fired boilers.

Remarkable energy saving: The system automatically adjusts the output of each module boiler according to the change of temperature produced by the indoor and outdoor changes. It balances the thermal demand and the heat supply, and saves energy compared with the large single boiler. 25% About.

Autonomy: The heating effect of the gas module combined boiler heating is set according to the actual needs of the users, and its autonomy is strong. The system can also provide hot water for four seasons.

Alternate: The system will not affect the normal operation of other boilers due to the failure of one of the boilers.

Durable: The material of the furnace is high quality cast iron. Fifty The design life of the year allows users to buy comfort and comfort.

Low failure rate: The material is high quality cast iron with almost no fault.

Installation convenience: The modular design of cast iron boiler can be assembled in any narrow channel without destroying the structure of the building.


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