Technology leads the new direction of gas boiler safety, energy conservation and efficiency

Mute operation:

Then Normal operation can not hear sound and consume 0.001 degrees per hour.

Energy saving and high efficiency:

Then Finned tube heat exchangers are used to automatically adjust the output of each module boiler according to the change of temperature produced by the indoor and outdoor changes with time. The thermal demand and heat supply are balanced at the end, compared with the large single boiler, the energy saving is about 25%.

Installation convenience:

Small size, light weight, less land occupation, convenient transportation, installation and maintenance.

Start off from each other.

According to the need to start up, the energy waste of large single boiler is eliminated.

A module has problems, and other modules continue to operate to ensure that the boiler works uninterrupted.

Intelligent protection is safe and reliable.

Prevent dry burning protection: built in anti dry heating (low water level protection) protection device to ensure the safe and reliable operation of the boiler;

Extinguish protection: add flame probe, with flameout protection and safer operation.

Gas protection: when the gas or gas pressure is too low or too high, the system is self-locking.

Power failure protection: when the power fails, the system automatically closes the gas valve. When the system is called, the system will automatically start.

Temperature protection: the boiler body is equipped with two systems of normal temperature control and high limit safety control. When the boiler outlet water temperature is too high, the system is self-locking protection.

Low pressure and low voltage operation:

It can be directly connected to civilian low pressure gas network, and the gas source is adaptable.

The use of 40W/24V power supply, safety and power saving, almost no power consumption;

Precision control system:

Honeywell electromagnetic automatic control system, easy to realize boiler Full automatic operation;

The unique villa intelligent room temperature control technology can be used according to the The chamber temperature is set to control the burning time. To be more convenient and comfortable.

Computer controlled digital display, which can display timing, temperature control and remote control. Control, fault analysis and other functions.