Independent research and development, energy saving 25% - 35% Multi fuel exchange, to create a new level of industry!


Multi fuel exchange:

The use of charcoal, coal, oil and gas can be switched to meet the fuel diversity and economy.

Structural science:

The mechanized chain grate has the characteristics of wide adaptability and full combustion of coal.

Product reliability:

It has a high degree of mechanization, simple operation and few mechanical failures.

The air intake is reasonable.

The intake system is H type direct air, with uniform air distribution, small resistance and easy adjustment.

Energy saving and high efficiency:

Multi zone, multi type and heat flow bundles are used to rotate and integrate energy storage heat transfer technology and high temperature long journey combustion technology. The smoke temperature of burning charcoal and coal is only more than 90 degrees, which is 35% higher than that of traditional boiler, and more than 100 degrees of fuel gas and exhaust gas, and 25% of fuel and oil.

Ring Protect:

Multi zone gasification and suspension oscillating vortex swirling infrared combustion technology. A unique dust removal design is adopted. The fuel is thoroughly burned, and normal combustion is smoke-free and dustless. The chimney is not vertical and the flue gas can be directed to the designated location.

Ultrafast speed:

It takes only about 30 minutes for the external force to support combustion and ignition to heating and boiling water.

Intelligent numerical control:

Intelligent control functions such as digital display, temperature setting, automatic heating, automatic stop heating and high temperature protection.


Without pressure operation and high temperature protection, there is no hidden danger.

Ash removal and descaling:

98% of the heat exchange surface visual manual cleaning, comprehensive and convenient, to ensure that the output of the boiler remains unchanged throughout life.

Split structure:

It is easy to transport, easy to install and easy to maintain. The boiler foundation is simple and the cost of capital construction is reduced.

Scope of application:

It is the most ideal choice for traditional plumbing, water temperature air conditioning, fan coil and floor heating, and is suitable for heating large, medium and small areas.