Instant methanol boiler

Fully independent research and development, thermal efficiency increased by 25%, refused to corrosion, one second rise, the industry standard new benchmark!

Science and technology lead the new benchmark of methanol fuel boiler safety and energy conservation industry standard.

Energy saving and high efficiency: self developed multistage low back pressure infrared combustion inertial flow heat transfer technology, the heat efficiency is greatly improved, the exhaust gas temperature is about 100 degrees Celsius, which is 25% more energy than that of the ordinary methanol fired boiler.

Durable: self developed high temperature thermal insulation infrared combustion chamber structure, to eliminate methanol corrosion, prolong the life of boiler more than 50%.

Ultrafast speed: heating up to 1 seconds.

Intelligent numerical control: imported combustion machine, fully automatic intelligent control.

Safe and reliable: atmospheric pressure operation, high temperature protection, there is no hidden danger.

Installation convenience: small size, light weight, convenient transportation, installation and maintenance.


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