Condensing direct fired boiler

The leader of the new standard


Science and technology leads to new safety and energy saving of condensing direct fired boiler

Unique design:

The condensing boiler uses the two heat exchange technology to effectively absorb latent heat in the high temperature flue gas, which greatly improves the thermal efficiency of the product, and is more efficient than the ordinary boiler. 15% - 30%, Thermal efficiency of Van de Lee condensing module boiler 108%;

Adjustable range of water supply temperature: Thirty C ~ Ninety Temperature ;

Mute operation:

Then Normal operation can not hear sound and consume 0.001 degrees per hour.

Energy saving and high efficiency:

The DC pipe is arranged and the water volume is small. The system adjusts the output of each module boiler automatically according to the change of temperature produced by the indoor and outdoor changes over time, and keeps the balance between thermal demand and heat supply. 38% About;

Environmental emissions:

Nitrogen oxides in condensing boilers ( NOx) Emissions are only 30ppm Lower than European standard Five Grade 56ppm Carbon monoxide emissions are much lower than general boiler emission standards. ;

Smoke exhaust temperature 30-80 The temperature of the system is determined by the backwater temperature, and the exhaust gas of the boiler can be used. PVC Pipes or galvanized pipes ;

Installation convenience:

Small size, light weight, less land occupation, convenient transportation, installation and maintenance.

Intelligent protection is safe and reliable.

Built-in dry cleaning ( Low water level protection ) The protection device ensures the safe and reliable operation of the boiler.

The flame probe is equipped with flameout protection and safer operation.

High automation control:

Intelligent control system can easily realize full automatic operation of boiler.

Microcomputer control digital display can display timing, temperature control, remote control, fault analysis and other functions.

Low pressure and low voltage operation:

It can be directly connected to civilian low pressure gas network, and the gas source is adaptable.

Use 40W/24V Working power supply, safety and power saving, hardly consume power.

Precision control system:

The Honeywell electromagnetic automatic control system can easily realize full automatic operation of the boiler.

The unique intelligent temperature control technology of the villa can control the burning time according to the room temperature set by the user, and it is more convenient and comfortable to use.


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