In order to further reduce the total amount of NOx emission and fight for victory in the blue sky battle, Taiyuan issued the "2020 year of Taiyuan". Low nitrogen modification of gas fired boiler The work plan "(hereinafter referred to as the" plan ") requires that 742 natural gas boilers, 163 direct fired boiler and 99 coke (high) gas fired boilers be converted to low nitrogen by the end of September, and that the concentration of nitrogen oxides emitted from the boiler after the transformation of low nitrogen will be below 30mg/m below, which can receive the corresponding subsidy from the government.

Nitrogen oxides are important precursors of PM2.5, and are also important raw materials for ozone generation in summer, and are the top priority of air pollution control. Liu Yankai, an air environment department of Taiyuan Ecological Environment Bureau, introduced the so-called low nitrogen transformation, that is, the project transformation unit to effectively reduce the nitrogen oxide emission concentration of the natural gas fired boiler, direct fired boiler and coke oven gas boiler by changing the low nitrogen burner, adding the flue gas reflux device or by replacing the ultra low nitrogen emission boiler with the whole.

After the transformation of low nitrogen boiler, how to subsidize the boiler is the most important issue for the project implementation unit. According to the plan, a large boiler with capacity of 20 tons or more can be subsidized by 25% of the investment volume. For a single boiler with a capacity of less than 20 tons of steam, according to different ways of transformation (replacement of low nitrogen burner, installation of flue gas reflux device or overall replacement of boiler), subsidies of different proportions are given. At the same time, the list of last year's low nitrogen transformation will be subsidized in accordance with 70% of the above policy standards.

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