It is understood that from November 3, 2018 to December 3rd, the central second environmental protection inspection team carried out a "look back" on the rectification of the first central environmental protection inspector in Shaanxi province. During the same period, it went down to Yulin to carry out the inspection and gave feedback to inspectors from Shaanxi on May 2019 13. Build 10 steam ton / hour below 121 coal-fired boilers.

In this regard, the municipal Party committee and the municipal government attach great importance to, take seriously and act quickly. In May 23, 2019 and June 28th, the Standing Committee of the municipal Party committee and the municipal government executive committee held a thematic study. In July 20th, the Yulin municipal government implemented the "rectification plan for the feedback of the special inspector of the central ecological environmental protection inspector" and "air pollution prevention and control". The time limit and requirements for rectification of new coal-fired boilers in violation of regulations. In the rectification work, our city in the central environmental protection inspector's "look back" feedback on the basis of 121 new coal-fired boilers based on irregularities, draw inferences and draw inferences, and find out 21 new coal-fired boilers in violation of regulations, totaling 142 units. As of the end of 2019, the city completed illegal new construction. Demolition of coal-fired boiler 106.

Since the beginning of this year, in order to speed up the rectification work of the feedback of the central environmental protection inspectors, the municipal government has held a special meeting to study the deployment of illegal new coal-fired boilers, and organize relevant working groups to conduct on-site supervision in Shenmu, Yuyang, Hengshan and other counties. At present, 142 illegal coal-fired boilers have been demolished. At the same time, with the opportunity of feedback from the central environmental protection inspector, the city took the opportunity to reform the 599 coal-fired boilers with 10 tons of steam and less than before 2014, including 193 urban coal-fired boilers in the built-up area, 306 industrial parks and 306 coal-fired boilers in industrial enterprises, and 100 coal-fired boilers in remote areas. At present, the city has not approved 35 new coal-fired boilers below the steam ton.

Next, we will conduct a further investigation of the 10 coal-fired boilers and the following coal-fired boilers in the built-up area of the city, and resolutely find one and remove one to ensure that all the units are completed and demolished. At the same time, we must adhere to the principle of seeking truth from facts and setting the stage before breaking down, and steadily promote the demolition and transformation of coal-fired boilers under 10 tons of coal and below in industrial parks, industrial enterprises, and remote villages and towns. Adopt the way of "hot, hot, gas, electricity and coal." all coal-fired boilers with central heating and coal to gas will be demolished and changed. Other conditions which are temporarily not available will be pushed forward steadily after the conditions are ripe.

Details of coal fired boiler removal: