Recently, the Ningqiang sub Bureau of Hanzhoung ecological environmental bureau, together with the Finance Bureau and the market Management Bureau, has the whole county. Retrofit of low nitrogen combustion for boiler Joint inspection is carried out.

This inspection is carried out in the form of on-site inspection of boiler operation and access to relevant information. The key is to check whether the pollutant emission concentration of the boiler is in line with the standard, whether the pollution control facilities are running normally, and whether the monitoring report data are up to standard. After inspection, all 7 boiler low nitrogen combustion retrofit was completed and reached the limit requirement of boiler air pollutants emission standards. At the same time, in view of the problems found in the inspection, the joint inspection team put forward rectification measures at the scene, requiring enterprises to set up reforms, constantly improve the pollution prevention and control facilities, standardize the level of environmental management, and ensure that all gas fired boiler nitrogen oxides meet the standard discharge.

Next, the Ningqiang sub Bureau will further strengthen its supervision and strengthen the supervision of low nitrogen transformation of boilers through irregular inspections and "double randomization", and promote the prevention and control of air pollution to a new level.

More information on boiler low nitrogen combustion modification: