In order to win the blue sky and defend the Xiqing, the Xiqing development zone was held in May 19th. Low nitrogen modification of gas fired boiler Work promotion conference. The meeting invited the special staff and law enforcement officers of low nitrogen transformation in Xiqing eco environmental protection bureau to interpret relevant policies to help enterprises understand the work.

The staff of the air environment department of Xiqing District Ecological Environmental Bureau explained to the enterprises the contents of the emission standards for the air pollutants of the boilers and the subsidy policies for the low nitrogen combustion of the pressure boiler. According to the current issued documents, in principle, the low nitrogen transformation standard is that the NOx emission concentration is lower than 50 mg / m3 after retrofitting of the gas-fired boiler, and the gas-fired boiler is encouraged to meet or surpass 30 mg / m3 after transformation, so as to avoid further investment. The NOx emission concentration of the new gas-fired boiler is better than that of 30 mg / m3. In 2019, the Tianjin ecological environment bureau and the Municipal Finance Bureau issued the central air pollution control special fund utilization plan and the project management guide (Tianjin ring finance [2019]111), subsidizing the low nitrogen transformation project of the gas fired boiler, and encouraging the boiler users to actively carry out the transformation.

Comrade Liu Guangqian, a comprehensive administrative law enforcement detachment of Xiqing ecological environmental protection, explained the necessity of low nitrogen transformation of boilers from the perspective of enforcement of emission exceeding standards, and answered some questions related to the transformation of low nitrogen by boilers proposed by enterprises.

The director of Environmental Management Department of Xiqing Economic Development Corporation summarized the meeting: first, enterprises should enhance their standing and attach great importance to enhance their sense of urgency and social responsibility; two, we should fully promote, speed up the transformation of low nitrogen, avoid the situation of exceeding the standard punishment after the implementation of the new emission standards; three, we should fully implement the main responsibility of the safety of the boiler's low nitrogen combustion. It should be clear that the burner has obtained the qualified type test certificate and the relevant requirements of the report. Four, according to the current heating and heating mode, the alternatives of the boiler such as electric heating, air thermal power, gas heat radiation and other alternatives are put forward, and it is suggested that the enterprise should make reference according to the actual situation.

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