In order to carry out the three year action plan for the battle against the blue sky in Gansu province (2018-2020 years), Gansu Province, and the general office of the Lanzhou Municipal People's government issued a circular on the implementation plan for the three year battle of winning the blue sky in Lanzhou (Lanzheng No. 2018, No. 335), and the general plan for the winter heating and cleaning in Gansu (2017-2021 years) (Gansu Province) (Gansu Province), 2018 (68). The requirements for the development and reform of energy resources No. 2018, No. 337, No. 2020 should be done well in the whole city in the year of 2020. Coal fired boiler renovation In recent years, the Lanzhou eco environmental bureau has conducted investigations on the renovation of 13 coal-fired boiler houses in Yuzhong and Yongdeng. The on-site inspection has been carried out on the elimination and elimination of the 10 coal-fired boilers in the two counties and the existing difficulties. The owners of coal-fired boilers are required to grasp the time nodes and ensure the quality and quantity. Complete the elimination and transformation of 10 coal-fired boilers and below. At the same time, the county government should conscientiously fulfill the responsibility system of environmental quality jurisdiction, compaction the responsibility of the main body of pollution control, do a good job in eliminating and replacing the heat sources of coal-fired boilers, and ensure the completion of the 2020 coal-fired boiler elimination and renovation work.

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