In order to further advance the tackling of pollution prevention and control in our city, and strengthen the air pollution control work, and comprehensively change the current situation of coal-fired boilers in our city, this year, the city will fully carry out the transformation project of old heating facilities.

2020 is the year of the decisive battle of air pollution control in our city, and it is also the province. Demolition of coal-fired boilers And resolutely win the decisive battle of the blue sky defense war. To this end, the municipal government has vigorously coordinated the transformation of the old heating facilities project, and has set up a leading group of the old heating facilities transformation projects in Jinzhou. The members are composed of 4 districts and 14 relevant departments in the city. The Municipal Housing Bureau is the leading group office unit, and the departments in all regions work together to push forward together. The renovation project is based on the general principle of "self reliance, no external force, coordinated development and foolproof work". It persists in two levels of government led and state-owned enterprises operation, insists on adjusting measures to local conditions, stresses practical results, insists on overall consideration and highlights the key points, and persists in taking measures simultaneously and keeping pace with each other, so as to ensure that the pipeline protection measures of "one network, multiple sources" and "interconnection" are fully landed.

There are 22 boiler rooms and 34 coal-fired boilers inside and outside of our city, which are included in the demolition and elimination of the old heating facilities. The total area of heating is about 8000000 square meters, of which 20 tons and below are completely dismantled and connected to the grid. How to carry out air pollution prevention and control scientifically, improve the urban air quality, how to rationally design the heating pipe network transformation plan, determine the alternative heat source to fill the heating gap, strictly ensure the construction period, and ensure the heating of the people in Jincheng city is the key and difficult point of this transformation project. For this reason, the Municipal Housing Authority has carried out all relevant work on the basis of the comprehensive investigation and thorough investigation in the early stage, and has been working hand in hand in engineering design, tendering, investigation and so on. The timetable and the road map have been worked out, and the operation of the wall map has been worked out to ensure that the small boiler dismantling will be completed not later than the beginning of June, and the construction team will enter the construction no later than the beginning of July, and the reconstruction project will be completed no later than the end of September. The project will be completed before the heating season is coming this winter.

The renovation project of old heating facilities is an important embodiment of implementing the concept of "green water and green hills, Jinshan Yinshan" and strengthening the construction of ecological civilization in our city. It is a concrete measure to implement the blue sky project and strengthen the prevention and control of air pollution. It is a development project focusing on the future of the city and improving the quality of urban heating. It is to improve the quality of heating service and enhance the happiness of the general public. A sense of livelihood project. After the completion of the project, the pollution chaos of coal-fired boilers in our city will be completely eradicated. The new pattern of "one network, multi sources" urban heating network will be established in a comprehensive way, and the comprehensive management capability of urban heating will be further enhanced.

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