Chinese style Shaanxi condensing gas fired boiler During operation, especially when the cold stove is started, there is often condensation of water from the boiler's heating surface and back smoke box, which makes the stoker mistaken for water leakage from the boiler.

There are two main reasons for condensate production of condensate gas boiler in Shaanxi:

1. the water vapor in the flue gas condenses to water at the temperature below dew point.

2. gas fired hot water boiler has high thermal efficiency and low exhaust gas temperature. The condensing gas fired boiler in Shaanxi has a slightly higher exhaust gas temperature than the flue gas dew point temperature under the rated load condition, and it can run economically and safely. However, under the condition of long term operation under low load, the flue gas temperature is lower than the dew point temperature of flue gas. At this time, condensate water will flow out from the heating surface of the tail of the boiler and discharged from the rear smoke box.

Condensate from condensate gas fired boiler in Shaanxi should be discharged from the boiler in time when running, because if too much condensing water will affect the normal operation of the gas hot water boiler, it will cause leakage of the joint between the rear hood and the rear flange.

Specific measures include:

1. condensate gas boiler in Shaanxi set up condensate outlet at the rear smoke box.

In order for condensate to be discharged in time, the outlet nozzle should not be installed at all, and the water seal should be installed to prevent the flue gas escaping from the pipe.

2. cigarette box outlet with nozzle.

After the boiler flue gas is discharged into the chimney, the heat from the chimney is still cooling. The water vapor in the flue gas is continuously condensed on the wall of the chimney, causing small droplets to flow down the chimney wall. Therefore, the nozzle should be installed at the outlet of the flue so that condensate can be drained into the trench or any drainage system.

The phenomenon of excessive condensation of flue gas in condensing gas fired boiler in Shaanxi should be noticed. Although condensate production is unavoidable, excessive condensate production will inevitably affect the safe operation of the boiler.

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