No matter whether it is central heating or heating alone, it is almost impossible for boilers. The wall hung furnace is used for its own purpose. The central heating is used for large boilers. With the advocacy of energy conservation and emission reduction, many places are replaced by coal-fired boilers. When people choose to buy boilers, the most important concern is the thermal efficiency of the boiler, besides price and service life. Ultra low nitrogen gas fired boiler Some people already understand that thermal efficiency exceeds 100%. Some people are always skeptical. Some people regard it as a gimmick for business promotion. Ultra low nitrogen gas fired boiler Is it true that thermal efficiency exceeds 100%?

We know the impact. Ultra low nitrogen gas fired boiler The main factor of thermal efficiency is exhaust loss. When the fuel is burning, a large amount of smoke will be generated. There are water vapor, nitrogen oxides and other components. The exhaust temperature of the general gas boiler is above 100 degrees, and the flue gas contains a lot of heat. This will cause heat loss and affect the thermal efficiency of the boiler.

Reducing exhaust gas temperature can reduce boiler heat loss and improve heat loss. Ultra low nitrogen gas fired boiler In terms of thermal efficiency, why is the traditional boiler exhaust temperature above 100 C and not reducing exhaust gas temperature as much as possible?

Because the flue gas is dew point, when the temperature is lower than this value, the flue gas will be condensed, and the condensate is acidic, which will cause corrosion to the flue and even the boiler. Therefore, the exhaust gas temperature of the ordinary gas boiler should not be too low.

Because of the emergence of condensation recovery technology and the application of some anticorrosion materials, the exhaust gas temperature can be reduced, and the heat in the flue gas can be fully utilized, that is, the low calorific value is fully utilized. At this time, the thermal efficiency has reached 100%, and the water generated by natural gas combustion will be liquefied and exothermic below the dew point. In terms of low caloric value, thermal efficiency naturally exceeds 100%.

Through the above introduction, I believe you should understand that calorie calculation is based on low calorific value. Ultra low nitrogen gas fired boiler The thermal efficiency is over 100%, which is also a general calculation method of boiler thermal efficiency at present.

So then Ultra low nitrogen gas fired boiler How did this happen?

First of all Ultra low nitrogen gas fired boiler The use of full premixed combustion means that the fuel and air are fully mixed before burning, and then burn again. This combustion mode ensures the full utilization of gas and reduces the excess air coefficient. The lower the excess air coefficient in the flue gas, the lower the dew point, so that the exhaust gas temperature can be reduced to a lower level.

Secondly, Ultra low nitrogen gas fired boiler The combination of internal convection heat transfer and radiation heat transfer is adopted, and flue gas condenses inside the boiler without additional condensing waste heat recovery device.

The material of the boiler is silicon aluminum magnesium alloy. It is not only light weight, fast heat transfer, but also strong corrosion resistance, which makes the life of the boiler reach 30 years.

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