Starting from the sales intention, the company will objectively introduce the company and products to users according to the user's usage and specific requirements, and provide customers with detailed equipment usage data and technical performance parameters, and provide advanced technology, reasonable matching, and economical equipment selection plan, so as to provide thoughtful service for visits and visits.

The company is equipped with a sound boiler laboratory, and customers can operate on site.   Van de Lee gas fully premixed condensing low nitrogen frequency conversion boiler

Gas Premixed condensate low nitrogen frequency conversion boiler Laboratory (user visit site operation experience) Van de Lee gas fully premixed condensing low nitrogen frequency conversion boiler

(user operation experience)


since Land purchase, self built factory building, and strong production base.

Through strict professional EIA review, EIA projects and other important factory foundation procedures are completed.

  Fully independent research and development, 30 years of experience in the whole industry chain production, customized on demand

All raw materials and accessories are brand GB.

The introduction of advanced production equipment, intelligent digitization, production process is good, design takes into account the production process and use and maintenance.

 Fan De Li Si cast aluminum condensing gas fired boiler foundry  

CNC cutting machine: It can effectively improve the cutting efficiency and cutting quality of the sheet metal, and has the advantages of fast cutting speed, beautiful cutting surface, accurate size and small thermal deformation of the workpiece.

  Van De Li boiler shop

 Van De Li boiler shop


Tube plate automatic welding: Digital welding parameter setting is intuitive and accurate, precise control of current and time in welding process, stable welding quality and high efficiency.

  Van De Li boiler equipment

Thread tube machine: By means of cold rolling method, the tube is rolled and formed with thread surface, and the thread is clear and the deformation is small after the thread tube machine is processed. With the technology of threaded pipe, the heating area and heat transfer efficiency of the product can be improved. 8%~12% can greatly improve the output level of the boiler and the threaded pipe. The utility model has the function of self cleaning and the service life of the boiler is improved.

   Van De Li boiler shop

 Van De Li boiler equipment


Fig. 2. Bending machine 3. 4 heavy duty welding machine 4. Shearing machine chart 5 line lifting plan 6 ground rail vehicle diagram 7 punch machine 8 bending machine