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 Boiler energy trusteeship

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What is? " Boiler energy hosting? "

The boiler energy trusteeship refers to the boiler property management unit entrusted the boiler to the boiler operation and management company to pay the service charge to the boiler operation management company by the difference between the operating cost and the actual operating cost, so that the boiler operation can be professionally managed, the quality of the heating will be guaranteed, and the boiler operation and management mode with effective control of the heating cost will be effective.

Semi managed mode

Our company is only responsible for the daily operation of the boiler and the management, training, assessment and performance of the boiler. The cost of boiler fuel purchase and equipment replacement is borne by the boiler property unit. The boiler property unit pays the cost of boiler operation and staff management to our company. The profit and loss of the boiler operation is from the boiler property unit. Undertake.

Full managed mode

The boiler property rights unit and our company sign the boiler trusteeship contract, and all matters concerning the transformation, management, maintenance and repair of the boiler, the management of the stoker, the soft water treatment, the annual inspection of the boiler, the safety management of the boiler, and the procurement and supply of the fuel are all completed by our company. The cost can be.

Boiler energy management " passenger Family enjoyment "

1, customer "zero" investment

All the expenses of audit, inspection, acceptance, fuel supply, monitoring, operation and maintenance, annual inspection and examination are all in charge of our company and do not require customers to invest.

2, customer "zero" risk

All aspects of audit, inspection, acceptance, fuel supply, monitoring, operation and maintenance, annual inspection and examination are all in charge of our company. Customers do not need to take any risks. The operational risks and safety risks caused by the original heat equipment operation will be reduced to the minimum.

3, reduce operating costs

Because our company's hosting fee is far lower than the operating cost incurred by the company itself, the production cost of the company is reduced and the market competitiveness is improved.

4, reduce the level of equivalent energy consumption.

As a result of our company's comprehensive energy saving transformation of the existing boiler equipment and the long-term operation of the boiler and auxiliary equipment in the economic operation mode, we can effectively reduce the equivalent energy consumption of the system equipment.

5, advanced technology, exhaust emissions in line with national standards

The boiler energy hosting project is aimed at win win, and the technical risk of the project must be zero. Environmental risk control, our company uses independent research and development of biomass combustion machine as heating equipment, clean energy biomass pellets as fuel, advanced technology, energy saving and environmental protection, boiler exhaust emissions meet national standards, and has its own boilers and combustion machine patented technology as a support, to ensure that project technology is better than similar products in the market. If the project fails to achieve the expected goal, our company will bear the losses.

6, equipment life

Boiler equipment has a certain service life, equipment aging is inevitable, non-standard use and maintenance will greatly shorten its service life, and our company commissioned by the operation of the boiler equipment has been professionally disposed of and maintained, and the operation process does not produce two sulfur dioxide and other harmful gases, boiler equipment life significantly increased, can effectively increase customer retention. Net asset value.

7, improve cash flow

With the help of energy resources, customers can improve their cash flow and invest limited funds in other priority areas of investment.

8, optimize the management system.

The thermal power equipment operators, water, electricity, fuel and other resources are all managed by our company, which effectively reduces the management resources and management scope of enterprises, and helps enterprises to optimize their management system.

Boiler energy management "Application area "

1, cogeneration

As one of the ten major energy conservation projects in China, the combined heat and power generation (CHP) is an advanced energy utilization form that generates electricity and produces heat. It realizes cascade utilization of energy, high grade can be used for power generation, low grade can be used for heating, and the chemical energy of fuel can be transformed efficiently to heat and electric energy, providing the steam and electricity needed for industrial production, which is an important measure to improve energy utilization ratio. Cogeneration is a trend in the future development, and seeking professional energy saving service companies to undertake the supporting equipment such as boilers and steam turbines will also become a trend of economic development at present. The cogeneration project of our company provides specialized boiler energy hosting contract service. According to the actual situation of the customer boiler, adopting energy saving technology and energy saving measures, it can provide steam and power generation with high efficiency and large capacity on the basis of maintaining the steam load of industrial boilers, meeting the supporting functions of the Park, improving the environmental quality, and achieving energy saving and emission reduction.

2, central heating in industrial parks

In recent years, all provinces and municipalities across the country have vigorously promoted the development of industrial parks and industrial clusters. A large number of hot enterprises have been gradually stationed in the parks, and the industrial parks and industrial agglomeration areas have been rapidly increasing in heat. In order to speed up the development of central heating with the state, regulate heating management, increase power supply support capability and promote industrial transformation and upgrading, our company provides specialized parks for centralized supply. The energy hosting service of thermal heating is conducive to further improving energy efficiency, reducing air pollutant emissions, improving air quality and achieving energy saving and emission reduction targets.

3, urban central heating

The central heating of the city is to supply the heating from the central heat source of the city, with steam or hot water as the medium, and to the users of the whole city or one of the areas through the heating network, so as to promote the construction of the urban energy infrastructure, and move towards specialization and energy saving. Our company provides energy hosting services for urban central heating, providing scientific management and energy saving operation. It not only improves the quality of heating, but also improves energy utilization, saves energy, reduces air pollution, improves city appearance and environmental hygiene.

4, distributed energy

Distributed energy is a kind of energy supply mode based on the user side. It can run independently or operate in parallel. It is a system that integrates resources and environmental benefits to maximize the capacity and determines the user's multiple energy needs and resource allocation. The new energy system with demand response design and modular configuration is relative to the centralized system. Energy dispersive power supply mode. There are mainly two modes of operation:

Mode 1: adopt the Energy Service Companies mode. The distributed energy project is invested by customers. After the completion of the project, the energy service is adopted. Our company is responsible for the operation and maintenance of the equipment.

Mode two: adopt the contract energy management mode. The energy service contract signed by our company and our customers can improve the energy efficiency of customers and reduce the energy consumption of users through the use of distributed energy equipment. Our contract energy management includes: project design, project financing, equipment procurement, construction, equipment installation, commissioning and other energy-saving services.

For distributed energy sources, especially cogeneration and cold, heat and power triplex systems, due to the knowledge of engine mechanics, grid connection and three-phase load management, water cycle thermal technology and computerized management, many professional technicians are required to be responsible for operation and maintenance. For this type of distributed energy system, professional Energy Service Companies can be introduced, such as our daily maintenance and energy saving service.

What is "Contract energy management" "

Contract energy management, which is widely known as EMC in the past, is known as the old name. It has been in line with international standards in the latest national standards. It is called Energy Performance Contracting, or EPC. It is a new market-oriented energy saving mechanism. The essence of the contract energy management mode is to reduce the energy cost to pay for the total cost of energy saving projects. This energy saving investment mode allows customers to upgrade their factories and equipment with the future energy saving benefits, so as to reduce the current operation cost. Or the energy saving service company provides energy saving services to customers by undertaking the energy saving benefits of energy saving projects or contracting the overall energy cost.

Our company evaluates and audits according to the customer's energy consumption, and carries out technical transformation and management of the energy saving space existing in the customers, so as to achieve the purpose of energy optimization and energy consumption reduction. According to customer needs, our company will provide you with the following contract energy management mode.

The main modes of operation are as follows:

1, energy saving guaranteed payment mode

The total investment and risk of energy saving renovation project is borne by our company. During the project contract period, our company promises a certain proportion of energy to the customers to pay for the project cost. The part of the company that fails to fulfill the commitment section energy is borne by our company. The share of the energy beyond the commitment section is shared by both sides. Advanced, energy-efficient equipment transferred to the public without charge. Customer After use, all the energy saving benefits will be generated. Customer Enjoy. This model is applicable to the high integrity and energy saving consciousness. Customer

2, energy saving benefit sharing mode

All investment and risk of energy saving reconstruction project will be borne by our company. After the implementation of the project, the two sides jointly confirm the energy saving rate. During the project contract period, the two sides will share energy efficiency in proportion. After the completion of the project contract, the advanced energy-efficient equipment will be handed over to the public without charge. Customer After use, all the energy saving benefits will be generated. Customer Enjoy. This model is applicable to highly honest people. Customer

3, energy cost trusteeship mode

Our company is responsible for transforming the high energy consuming equipment and managing its energy consuming equipment. During the project contract period, the two sides contracted according to the agreed energy and management costs. Customer Energy consumption and maintenance. After the completion of the project contract, the advanced energy-efficient equipment will be handed over to the public without charge. Customer After use, all the energy saving benefits will be generated. Customer Enjoy. This model is applicable to low integrity and no energy saving consciousness. Customer Generally, it is not used.

4. Reconstruction project construction mode

Chinese style Customer Commissioned by the company to do energy audit, energy saving overall design, energy saving reconstruction project construction, according to the general engineering construction method, to pay the advance payment before the project, the progress of the project and the completion of the project. This model is applicable to energy saving consciousness, energy saving technology and energy saving benefits. Customer The efficiency of the energy saving companies operated by this mode is the lowest, because the contract stipulates that the huge benefits of energy saving can not be shared.

5, energy management service mode

Our company not only provides energy saving services, but also provides energy management services. For many operators, energy and management are not part of the core competence of enterprises. The way of self-management and self service is inefficient and high cost. Through the use of professional services provided by our company, outsourcing of energy management will help enterprises focus on core business and enhance core competitiveness. The company has a group of skilled technicians who start and stop operation, operation management and maintenance, and has advanced and mature energy management technology and experience. They have detailed manuals for equipment operation, operation and maintenance, and have formulated strict energy management rules and regulations and workflow. The service mode of energy management has two forms: energy cost proportion contract method and energy consumption equipment classification charging method.

EMC is a specialized energy saving service company. It has comprehensive advantages in terms of professional and technical services, system management and fund raising when implementing energy-saving projects.

The professional management of EMC can not only effectively reduce project costs, but also make profits by sharing energy efficiency benefits after implementation of energy saving projects, and continue to grow and attract more energy saving institutions and investors to form more EMC, so that more energy saving projects can be implemented in the whole society. The development of EMC will promote and promote the industrialization of energy conservation.