Shaanxi Deli Energy Technology Co., Ltd. (formerly Weinan De Li boiler factory), founded in 1998, is located in Weinan economic and Technological Development Zone, Shaanxi Province, with a registered capital of 10 million 80 thousand yuan, covering an area of more than 20000 square meters. It is a high-tech enterprise of Shaanxi's intellectual property advantage cultivation, Weinan's advanced innovative technology enterprises, research and development of new energy sources, and production of new energy saving and environmental protection boilers. Since its development, the company has three registered brands and seven subsidiaries, covering an area of 158 thousand yuan, with a total registered capital of 113 million 800 thousand yuan. It has independent R & D capability, is committed to the research and development of Chinese independent intellectual property products, and creates excellent brand of Chinese people. Its R & D products include "fully premixed low nitrogen variable frequency boiler, gas, fuel, electricity, biomass, charcoal, vacuum phase change, cast iron boiler, cast aluminum boiler, ND steel boiler, methanol boiler, desulphurization and dust removal device, and super heat conduction boiler." A total of 13 series, 38 specifications, 3658 models. The product was named "Weinan famous brand product". Based on "creating value for customers", we will build a market system of "open cooperation and win win".

Enterprise mission

  Fight for the warmth and production environment of all mankind!

Enterprise concept

  Rule by virtue is better than striving.

Enterprise values

    Environmental protection and energy saving

Corporate vision

Become the leader of the benchmarking enterprises in the industry.


Yesterday's honor     Starting point today  

We constantly strive, practice, update, stronger and better.

Van De Li boiler: R & D enterprise of Si Al premixed condensing boiler combined with 400KW 1400KW silicon aluminum heat exchanger module.

* Van De Li boiler: ND steel full premixed condensing boiler research and development enterprise

* Van De Li boiler: R & D enterprises for producing Si Al and ND steel full premixed condensing boilers and fully premixed surface burners.

* Van De Li boiler: Development and production of coal, gas and oil mixed fuel boilers

* Van De Li boiler: Shaanxi boiler industry has won the "Shaanxi intellectual property advantage cultivation enterprise" Title Enterprise

* Van De Li boiler: Weinan boiler industry won the "Weinan brand products" title of enterprises

* Van De Li boiler: The Weinan boiler industry is certified by the government and experts through the "single source procurement scheme" business.

* Van De Li boiler: Weinan's boiler industry approved by the government "coal fired micro emission boiler research and development base" enterprises

Cast aluminum full premixed condensing boiler has high thermal efficiency.

Modular boiler thermal efficiency: The steel direct fired gas module boiler has a thermal efficiency of 108%.

Special-shaped Customization: Changing boiler shape to suit users' individual needs

Single heating area: A single hand burning coal boiler with normal pressure is heated 100 thousand square meters.

Energy saving effect: The flue gas temperature of condensing boilers is between 30 and 60 degrees C; the flue gas temperature of gas-fired boilers is between 80 and 100 degrees C, and the exhaust temperature of coal-fired boilers is between 80 and 100 degrees centigrade.

Environmental protection effect: Nitrogen oxides emissions from gas-fired boilers are better than the national standard NOx < 20mg/m; coal fired boilers are normal combustion, smoke-free (no black smoke, no blue smoke, no white smoke).

Warming effect: Methanol (alcohol) fuel boilers are heated at once.


Implementing a generation of R & D generation, conception generation

We independently developed a silicon aluminum full premixed condensing boiler assembled from 400KW 1400KW silicon aluminum heat exchanger module.

Northwest China casting aluminum module production enterprise, casting silicon aluminum module boiler.

The development and production of steel module direct fired boiler and cast iron module boiler in Northwest China

The unit heating area and the boiler area are small. In the steel air premixed direct fired module boiler in the industry, the Van De Li boiler occupies only 1 square meters, and it can heat about 20 thousand square meters.

Energy saving effect: modular boiler uses tubular silicon aluminum boiler with steady flow, flow around, cross flow and hedging and heat transfer technology over nine return and flue gas flow lengthening and flue gas residence time prolongation.

Single steel module boiler power: single steel module boiler power up to 1.4MW

Single casting aluminum module boiler power: single cast aluminum module boiler power up to 2.8MW

The technology of steady flow, cross flow, cross flow and hedging and heat transfer technology over nine return passes, longer flue gas flow and longer residence time of flue gas can save energy for 5%-15%.

The combination of steel and cast iron module boiler by means of rational heat transfer design of heat exchange parts and prolonging the process of flue gas has high thermal efficiency and 10%-15% energy saving compared with similar products.

Vacuum phase change boiler adopts high efficiency heat exchange technology combined with vacuum phase change heat transfer technology, with high thermal efficiency and energy saving 15%-20% compared with similar products.

The atmospheric pressure gas boiler adopts condensation heat transfer technology, which has high thermal efficiency and 15%-25% energy saving than similar products.

The combustion control system of gas fired boiler adopts international brand, which is safe, reliable and efficient.

The 6 leading independent research and development technologies of the blue carbon boiler are independently developed, and the thermal efficiency is 15 to 40% than that of the similar products.